Who are we

   "Itely-B" is a Bulgarian private transport and forwarding company founded in 1992 with General Director Valery Haralampiev. The company has opened offices in Sofia and Milan, which are served by over 20 skilled employees in transport and forwarding. "Itely-B" has its own fleet and warehouse facilities in Bulgaria and Italy. Despite the economic conditions in the time when the company was founded, "Itely-B" to this day has not been unfaithful to its customers, delivering products and goods by "the shortest path". Counting on serious and honest relationship to its partners, it has managed to preserve and enhance the quality and professionalism of its transport and forwarding services.

Every our client
- Is served personally
- Receives the most detailed and competent information in the field of forwarding and transportation of goods and cargo,
- Receives assistance in the event of unusual problems.

To be sure of shipping of your goods and cargo, trust us. Characteristic of the company is the speed and quality of service.

“ If you’re already a customer of ours, let us take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us...;
and if you’re not, we hope that you’ll give us an opportunity to earn your trust ! ”
, V. Haralampiev.


   The company "Itely-B" has its own fleet consisting of 11 trucks produced by "Mercedes", "Volvo" and "Scania". They are designed to transport different types of consignments and cargo.
  • 8 TIR trucks with the following dimensions: length 13,6 m. , width 2.44 m, a possible capacity of 36 europallets, useful volume 88 cubic meters. The vehicles fully meet the new European standards for transport.
  • Refrigerator truck truck equipped with a computer for automatic maintenance of temperatures above and below zero, meets the new European standards for the transport of food and perishable products. Capacity of 36 europallets, length 13.6 m., width 2.44 m, volume 88 cubic meters.
  • Car-carrying truck
  • Platform for oversized cargo with a payload of up to 36 tons.